Dear Clients, Partners and Associates, 

Welcome to UNIONKARGO LINE one of the leading logistics solution provider in the industry.
A lifetime’s experience in logistics and freight forwarding has made this industry not just a business but a way of life for my team and myself. My vision was to create a solid company with strong values and standards where integrity, equality, loyalty and people stand on the highest plane. My team is my family and they have shared this vision from the company’s inception. At UNIONKARGO LINE , we work hard but when the time comes, we play even harder.
Since the commencement of our operations in the Turkey, nearly 15 years ago, we have rapidly expanded our presence in the global market by establishing a network of our own offices and strategic alliances with competent partners worldwide. The association expands our presence to more than 90 countries, offering complete logistics solutions to all industries.

We continuously invest in building a competent team of professionals who are equipped with all the necessary skills to handle any type of logistics challenge and provide its users unique, time and cost efficient solutions. From road to rail, water to air, the team has perfected the art of moving each piece with the same zest, without losing eye on speed and accuracy. Reliable feedback systems, new technology implementation, continuous trainings and team building exercises speak volumes about the company’s commitment to reward and maintain its talent.

We believe that networking and strategic business relations can overcome many challenges. UNIONKARGO LINE today sustains close vendor relationships with all mediating agencies, be it airlines, steamer lines, charter operators, government agencies, ports and airport operations, thus enhancing the service quality and speed.

At the same time, we keep a close eye on technology and future trends, considering that worldwide supply chains are beginning to undergo a fundamental transformation as more “artificial intelligence” is deployed to handle both the domestic and international movement of goods. The impact of data-driven and autonomous supply chains is appreciated to manifest in less and a decade and we are aligning and optimizing our business for this immediate future so that our clients can profit from the “logistics of the future”.

Creativity, courage, strong business relationships and an insatiable thirst to explore new business avenues has made UNIONKARGO LINE a force to reckon with and we are acknowledged locally and internationally as an organisation with an untarnished reputation and strong financial foundation.

All of this makes us the perfect business partner for any company looking to associate with a professional, innovative, customer oriented, and global logistics provider.

In closing, I would like to invite you to explore our website and learn more about our expertise and the multitude of ways in which we can make your business succeed.

With best wishes,